we make videos for people who like videos.



we are the production company that THINKS THOUGHTS where no one else has thought to think.

In every space, someone is going to make a statement. it might as well be you.

the team.


Joshua Romero

one day, i picked up a camera and started recording. all of a sudden, i was helping cool businesses & startups tell their story.


Mason Martinez

i help the team grow smarter, better, faster, and stronger. communication is key, and the relations we foster are everything.

James Schneebeck

i’m a videographer & graphic artist who tricked all of my former & current employers into paying me to play with my camera. my day job is as a video producer at a startup in Boulder, CO.


Noah brooks

I do all the boring business stuff like finances & contracts, so I decided to spice it up and move to the Kingdom of eSwatini in Africa to do my job. Really though, I’m here to help our clients in anything business.


Gus Pedrotty

I like making big ideas accessible without having to distill them into something they are not. i primarily outline, wordsmith, and get told what is and isn't possible in a video.


Maya Holt

Photography is a way for me to meet someone and bring their personality into a photo. It’s a way for me to put my ideas to life. Plus, photography helps a fire Instagram profile


our mission / vision

our mission is to create ads that people truly want to see, and distribute them appropriately.

our vision is to become the most forward-thinking full-service ad agency, where businesses go to push boundaries.


our values

creative empowerment

holistic thinking



doing the right thing


the process.

Theres a few different ways that we work:

  1. hello > video

  2. hello > creative > video

  3. hello > creative > video > +content

  4. hello > creative > video > +content > distribution